A slang which defines a person who cannot relate to a certain topic or it was way out of his league. The brain cells crashed from processing too much information that resulted to bleeding (could be a good explanation to it).

Nosebleed is also common to manga/anime portraying  a character who is sexually attracted to the opposite sex. This is most common to male, though this is also happening to female characters.

Addict (Adik)

A word used to define a person who has become dependent into something. Before the computer generation has begun (at least in my generation), this word is shameful. If you get aliased as an addict, it would automatically mean that you are/have been dependent to prohibited drugs. In jurassic era, addict equals drug addict.

When computers emerged, gameboy, brick game, playstation and the like, this word has been used to define people who have been hooked to these things. Though not declared publicly, but the burden of this word lessened a bit.

It was when online games came out, people started to use this word publicly and be proud of it. It was even used as a nickname to people who plays more than 10 hours a day.

Then Friendster came out, then Facebook, then Twitter and all other social medias, the weight of this word lowered down drastically. Today, it is used to refer to people who have been twittering, facebooking and what not all day.